Labs subscription policy

Our team is excited to have you with us as a WXA® Labs member! With your monthly membership, you can enjoy a great website with no design fees, hourly rates, or upfront deposits. Since our service takes a different approach than the traditional website design service, please review the information below so you can get to know the WXA® Labs service better, how everything works, and what is and isn’t included with your monthly membership.

Free Website Design

Through our monthly membership, you can enjoy a completely free website design with no design fees, hourly rates, or upfront deposits. When starting a project, we will present pre-designed website options that we feel are a great fit for your website. These design options are considered starting points and will help speed up the design process. Please note that we do not develop fully custom websites as part of the monthly service and solely focus on simple informational websites. Every website’s needs are different, so some restrictions and limitations will apply to the website and features available. If you happen to request a feature that we are unable to provide, we will let you know this feature is unavailable and/or try to offer an alternative option if possible.

Design Sneak Peek

You are required to join on a monthly membership plan before we begin work on your website. This helps us determine if you are ready to get started and allows us to use our time more effectively. Once you approve your monthly membership our team will provide you with a design sneak peek within 7 business days and complete the full design within 14 business days. You will be required to provide the content needed for the website such as text, images, color palette, etc. Please note that we do not provide copywriting, logo design, or graphic design services. However, we are happy to provide design suggestions on the color palette and other design elements to make the website the best it can be. If you do need any of the above services, you can go for a custom project.

Website Redesigns

While your initial website design is completely free, please keep in mind we are unable to provide any type of website redesign if requested. Anything that would drastically change the aesthetic or function of a website is considered a redesign and is unable to be approved under the subscription.

Website Limitations and Restrictions

Our service solely focuses on simple informational websites – because of this, we are unable to implement or support these website features: complex custom website, member logins, third party API and integrations, third party designs, or custom-developed code for specific features. If you happen to request a feature that we are unable to provide, we will let you know this feature is unavailable and/or try to offer an alternative option if possible.

Website Management and Unlimited Updates

Our team will manage your website so you don’t have to and every member can enjoy unlimited updates within their monthly membership. There is no limit to how many updates can be submitted, however, please note the difference between general updates and more redesign-focused changes. Updates are considered simple changes to the website’s content such as add/remove text content, add/remove images, creation of new generic pages, deletion of generic pages, and minor changes throughout the website. Any requests to change a website's design, navigation layout, structural layout, embed third-party codes, or integrate the website with any third-party API do not fall under our unlimited updates policy. In other words, anything that would drastically change the aesthetic or function of a website is not considered a general update and subject to not being approved.

Submitting Updates

Updates to your website can be submitted by emailing our team. Updates must be submitted from the authorized email that is linked to the membership. For the safety and quality of your website, update requests will not be honored if sent from an unauthorized email. If additional people will be submitting updates on your behalf, please limit this to one additional person, including yourself. Our team reserves the right to deny any update that might hinder the luxury of our service or cause issues in the future, for either you, the website, other members, or our team. If an update cannot be completed, our team will do their best to suggest an alternative if it does not fall under our limitations or restrictions. Our service focuses on simplicity, so keep in mind that update requests must meet these important criteria.

Update Turn Around

Our team will take up to 60 minutes each week to complete any updates you submit. If the submitted updates take longer than the 60 minutes allotted time, the remaining updates will roll over into the next week for completion. Depending on your membership plan, updates may only be accepted and completed on certain days.Update turn around times vary depending on the size and details of each individual update. Once the update has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email informing you of the update's completion.

Member Support

We provide unlimited support by email to all of our members. Keeping our support fully focused on email has allowed us to keep our pricing as low as possible while still providing all of our members with a great experience. While we don't offer support by phone, we are always happy and ready to help by email. Our team is available Monday through Friday from 10 am - 5 pm CEST. Our team's response time is typically 24-48 hours.

Back-End Access For Members

WXA® Labs is not a do-it-yourself platform. Our team designs, manages, and updates your website for you, which means you will not have back-end access to edit, modify, or update any of the website's content yourself. Any requests to access the website will be denied. Allowing members to have back-end access would hinder the luxury of our management service and could potentially cause interruptions in the event something is edited or changed by mistake.

Content Guidelines

While our service is perfect for many, it is not always the right fit for everyone. We have certain guidelines in place when it comes to a website's content. The following types of content are not allowed: content that you do not own the rights to, marketing (SEO rankings, click funnels, likes, followers, etc), phishing or transmitting viruses, multi-level marketing or get rich quick schemes, excessive third party spam advertising, excessive pop-up ads, file hosting or sharing, any content that may be considered illegal, any content that our team may find questionable, sexual or adult themes, drug or violent themes, tobacco, e-cigarettes, cannabis, or illegal substances.

SEO and Marketing Services

Although all of our websites are SEO optimized to help strengthen a website's visibility in search engines, please note that SEO marketing strategies fall outside of our team's scope. Given that search engines have complex algorithms and that everyone’s marketing needs are different, we’re unable to provide specific SEO advice to our members or other marketing services. Providing website policies (such as terms of service, privacy policy, cookie policy, refund policy, etc) falls outside of our team's scope and we recommend consulting a legal professional to create these policies.

Website Policies and Accessibility

Website accessibility and accessibility features fall outside of our team's scope and will require the member to contract a third party to provide this service. We are happy to grant limited back-end access to the website to any third-party offering to help make your website accessible for all visitors. By becoming a Labs member, you acknowledge that these services are not provided within your monthly membership and that WXA® Labs is not liable for any damages caused by or related to website policies or website accessibility.

Website Hosting

All of our websites are designed and hosted on the Squarespace, Webflow or Shopify platform. Website information, back-end integrations, and content is subject to these platforms' terms and policies.


Domains must be purchased separately and are not covered by the monthly membership. We recommend going through GoDaddy to claim the perfect domain. Through our GoDaddy integration, we can link the website to your domain quickly. For our team to link your domain, you must provide your login credentials to GoDaddy. Don’t worry, we never save or share this information. If your monthly membership plan included a free domain as an added benefit, we will issue you a one-time refund credit in the maximum amount of $20 USD. This amount typically covers the cost of a general domain for the first year. If you already own a domain, this refund credit will not apply and does not go towards your monthly membership.If you do not have a domain, visit to find and purchase the domain of your choice.

Canceling Your Membership

Our service is simply month to month, which means you can stop your membership at any time – there are no cancellation fees or a minimum commitment. To cancel your membership and website, please (1) email our team directly or (2) click the link in the original membership approval email. Once canceled, your monthly membership will remain active until the end of your monthly billing cycle. We are unable to issue full or prorated refunds for any canceled memberships as they must complete their full billing cycle. After the monthly billing cycle is over, your website will no longer be live and permanently deleted from our system. Before you cancel your membership, we strongly recommend gathering the information from the website. Once a website is removed from our system, we will no longer have access to the information and cannot accept responsibility for any deleted or lost content.

Failed Payments

If a monthly membership payment fails to process you will be notified by email of the failed payment and provided a link to update the billing information. We will attempt to process payment two additional times within a 6 day period. If the monthly membership is unable to be processed after this 6 day period, the website will be taken offline and the membership will be marked as unpaid. If the membership remains unpaid for a total of 30 days the website will remain offline and be permanently deleted from our system. Once deleted, we will no longer have access to the website or its information. Our team will also reach out to you regarding any failed payments, but it is your responsibility to keep billing information up-to-date and current.

Disputed Payments

If a membership payment or charge is disputed with your bank, the membership will be considered unpaid and the website linked to the membership will be taken offline immediately. Our team will always reach out to you directly to gather more information as to why the dispute was filed. If the dispute was made in error, you must reverse the dispute with your bank and provide our team with valid proof of the dispute’s reversal (such as withdrawal documentation by your bank). Providing this type of documentation will allow the website to be reactivated and set to a live status. If you proceed with the dispute claim, our team will provide your bank with documentation and conversation logs to validate that the disputed charge was authorized legitimately. The website linked to the membership will remain deactivated and be permanently deleted from our system. Once deleted, we will no longer have access to the website or its information.

Transfer of Ownership

If you cancel your monthly membership but would like to obtain ownership of the website, you may request a transfer of ownership. There is a transfer of ownership fee of €2000 due before the transfer can be processed and completed. An active Squarespace account is required to complete this transfer. Squarespace is the platform we use to design and host all of our websites. Once transferred, we will no longer take responsibility for managing the website and you will be able to manage and edit it through your own Squarespace account. Some website features that were once active on the website prior to the transfer may not be available once transferred into your own Squarespace account. Additional fees and costs within your own Squarespace account will apply and Moov will no longer be responsible for these.

Content Ownership

By becoming a WXA® Labs member, you give our team permission to use any and all content you provide within the website. We will never claim ownership of any content that you provide to our team. In the event your content is not your own or causes any legal issues, you agree to take full responsibility as the provider of the content. Please be sure that any content you provide belongs to you or that the original author is credited. By providing this content, you give us permission to showcase the website within our portfolio, social media accounts, and in other channels where we can share our work.

Your Privacy and Info

Your privacy is important to us and we promise to never sell your information to any third parties. Any information you provide will only be used to give you a great experience within our service.

Legal Disclaimer

By becoming a WXA® Labs member, you also agree to our full terms of service, privacy policy and other policies at